Divine Exchange - Tourism & Events Management (in the industry for 8 years), believes that we can best serve our clients by investing in two important resources: our customers and staff.

We provide the opportunity for ourselves and others to accomplish satisfaction and success through a value system of service, commitment, quality and contribution. These investments enable us to go beyond the traditional role of our business to create intelligent partnerships.

Our Values

1. To provide excellent service with quality and value for money by focusing on innovative and cost effective solutions to the ever changing needs and demands in the industry.

2. To trust in each and every person’s ability and commitment to do his or her job and support the company.

3. To recognise that each and every person’s contribution makes a difference towards the achievement of the company’s goals and values.

Social Responsibility

Spelling Bee Reiger Park will allow the children of Reiger Park in Primary and Secondary Schools to compete against each other with spelling in their current grade and more to increase the competition and giving them a challenge and opportunity to change their current situation.

The competition will be fun filled, but taken seriously. We believe that this will enhance our schools and assist our teachers as well as children with their current spelling/reading problems. The ultimate goal is for both children and teachers to enjoy languages and reading.

Services We Offer

 Events Management

We are arranging the following meetings in the above industry:

Continuous Medical Educational Meetings, Roadshows, Launches, Sales Conferences, Local and International Congresses, Symposiums, Advisory Board meetings, Roundtable meetings, Book venues for all meetings and process payment on behalf of customer.

 Weddings / Functions

Planning and advising your wedding/function from beginning to end:

Venue Hire, All elements for the bride eg. Dress, make-up artists etc, Catering, Décor and Flowers, Photographer, Videographer, Family Gatherings.

 Team Building

 We plan your team building from classroom setup to zipline activities as per your request.

 Catering

 This can be arranged to suit your budget. From snacks to buffet menus can be arranged and delivered.

Catering Equipment For Hire