SPELLING BEE 2013 & 2014
Business Plan - Reiger Park
I’ve watched the movie “Akheelah and the Bee” more than once and really felt in my heart to implement this in our schools. By the third time that I’ve watched this movie, I was convinced that I needed to do something about it. One night I had a dream where the Lord told me to do this in 3, not sure what the 3 meant, but knows that He is in control of this. A few months later I had another dream to give birth to this idea and thus our meeting today. Just to emphasize that God is in control of all our plans – “Jeremiah 29 v 11”.
Spelling Bee Reiger Park will allow the children of Reiger Park in Primary and Secondary Schools to compete against each other with spelling in their current grade and more to increase the competition and giving them a challenge and opportunity to change their current situation. The competition will be fun filled, but taken seriously. We believe that this will enhance our schools and assist our teachers as well as children with their current spelling/reading problems. The ultimate goal is for both children and teachers to enjoy languages and reading.
The service that we will provide is to enlarge the vocabulary of our children and have a competition as regularly as possible to assist with their current spelling problems at school as well as in future. The market will currently be our schools in Reiger Park, but will not be limited to Reiger Park only. This is the first initiative of this kind in our community and therefore, no competition currently.
The spelling bee will be allocated and operated from offices in Reiger Park e.g. the schools. The stakeholders in this venture will be our principals, teachers and board of Spelling Bee Reiger Park. Spelling bee competitions will not be during school hours as this will interfere with their current school operations, but a proposal of Saturday mornings. This will also allow the parents to be part of this venture. To attract the families and children there will be serious prizes for their time investment in this project. The prizes will be attractive travel prizes. This attraction will get the family involved and not just the child partaking in the spelling bee. Another factor to the prize is to give our children and families that has not travelled before the opportunity to explore the world outside Reiger Park and visit the attractions in the areas that they will visit.
The team that I’ve approached at the moment is, Vincent Kaiser, the Reiger Park Re-imagine team and Mr. Fisch. This is not limited to the above.
The financial plan will be to draft application letters to the Government, education board, banks, business in the community to sponsor these events and the prizes. We currently don’t have any cash flow. For the kick-off or roll-out of this trial-and-error phase, Divine Exchange Tourism and Events Management, would like to sponsor the prizes.
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